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IPA offers consulting services in the development of organizational vision and mission, strategic management, institutional advancement, and market research. We help organizations innovate and act entrepreneurially, and we seek to engage those affected by decisions with the decision-making process. Consulting and training are available in four major categories: management, organizational development, fundraising, and marketing.

Management Consulting Services are designed to sharpen an organization's ability to achieve its goals and meet the needs and demands of its clients. These services include:

  • organizational design and planning

  • mission development

  • financial resource development

  • brand development, market research and demographic analyses

  • information services planning

Organizational Development Services include program and workshops for managers, board members, lay leadership and staff in the areas of strategic planning, resource development, marketing of services and products, financial planning and accountability, and public relations. These services include:

  • training and development planning and implementation

  • strategic planning and market management seminars

  • long-range organizational planning

Fundraising Consulting Services link organizational plans with funding strategies. These services include:

  • organizational assessments

  • feasibility studies

  • capital campaign planning

  • annual campaign planning

  • donor-prospect identification and research

  • donor-prospect cultivation, solicitation and follow-up planning

  • grantsmanship for the foundation and corporate sectors

  • advisory board planning and orientation programs

  • technical support to help clients reach their markets for service delivery and fundraising

Marketing Research and Consulting Services are based on evaluating and conveying the dynamics of the markets in which clients operate and those that they plan to penetrate. Services include:

  • strategic market planning

  • segmentation and positioning planning

  • international market research and penetration studies

  • product/service/brand launch planning and implementation

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