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International Planning Associates (IPA) is a leading-edge consulting firm that provides integrated customized strategic approaches to support and further your organization’s future effectiveness. We provide professional advice and services to non-profit organizations seeking sound program and revenue development, fund raising and marketing planning, and organizational strategic planning. We strive to help clients realize their visions and goals. We seek to strengthen the social, economic and organizational fabric of society in the United States and abroad. By working interactively with individuals, organizations and their stakeholders, we comprehensively address a wide spectrum of needs of not-for-profit organizations.

Guided by a commitment to the community as a whole, we base our view on the underlying principle that we cannot solve problems faced by the whole simply by addressing the problems of its parts in isolation. Our creative and systemic problem-solving approach includes a focus on how we work as well as on results. We are committed to the development of these abilities in others and in ourselves.

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